Magnificent Merlots (Marco Marcuzzo, Skylon)

Magnificent Merlots (Marco Marcuzzo, Skylon)

Merlot is the UK's favourite wine grape!  We recently carried out some research to find out which wines Brits enjoy drinking most and merlot topped the list.  Skylon head sommelier Marco Marcuzzo loves his merlot too and here he has selected his top three from around the world for you to enjoy at home.

Calbuco is an easy-drinking "weekday-wine", L de Lyeth is medium-bodied with subtle tannins from California's Sonoma Country, while the De Trafford is from South Africa's Stellenbosch region and was made by inspiring, self-taught winemaker David Trafford.  All three will make worthy additions to your wine rack.

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2 x Merlot, Calbuco, Central Valley, Chile 

2 x Merlot, L de Lyeth, Sonoma County, USA

2 x Merlot, De Trafford, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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