D&D Wine Duo Box

D&D Wine Duo Box

We are very excited to introduce you to Les Trois Bises and Les Gamins, the first white and red wine blended by a crack team of our sommeliers.

Coming in our Duo Wooden Box.

Les Trois Bises:

It has distinct aromas of pear, candied fruits and pastry which follow through to the palate. We find it a fresh, rich and well balanced wine and are sure you will enjoy it too.

The name, 'Les Trois Bises', translates as ‘the three kisses’.  It was inspired by the number of grape varieties in the blend as well as the local custom to greet with three kisses rather than two.


Les Gamins:

Deep purple in colour, it has distinct, ripe black fruit and spice aromas on the nose. Rich raspberry, black cherry and raisin flavours dominate on the palate in what we feel is an elegant blend with delicate tannins.

The name 'Les Gamins' can be translated as ‘the kids’ and reflects the massive excitement we all had for this project - like kids in a sweet shop.  We hope you have even half as much fun drinking it, as we did blending it.

Sadly, we can't take ALL the credit making this fine creation.  We had just a little help from Christian Voeux, head winemaker of top Châteauneuf du Pape, producer, Château la Nerthe, for the blending at their estate near Avignon, Domaine de la Renjarde.  

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