Music Lover's Gift Box (6 bottles presented in gift box)

Music Lover's Gift Box (6 bottles presented in gift box)

We have been having some fun exploring the links between the types of wine we like and the type of music we like and our research has thrown up some BIG surprises, as reported by The Times and Daily Telegraph.  This gift box, as recommended by Shortlist and others will make the perfect present for the music lover in your life, so order below and receive our recommended playlists for each wine:



When it comes to wine, we found that rock lovers go for Riesling and Merlot.  Crack open these two great bottles, turn up that stereo LOUD and feel the noize: 

Riesling, Emiliana, Bio-Bio Valley, Chile

Merlot, L de Lyeth, Sonoma County, USA

Download rock playlist



Our research showed that pop music lovers are falling over themselves for a bit of Sauvignon, whether it's a mighty Cabernet Sauvignon or crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  Grab your Madonna or Lady Gaga CD and dance around the room with one of these two beauties:

Sauvignon Blanc / Sauvignon Gris, Domaine Félix St Bris, Burgundy, France

Cabernet Sauvignon, Avant, Kendall Jackson

Download pop playlist 



When they want to listen to a bit of Beethoven, Mozart or the famous voice of Pavarotti, we found that classical music lovers grab their cork-screw and pull out a bottle of Gewurz or a hearty Malbec.  We recommend that you do too with these fine examples:

Gewurztraminer, Tradition, Albert Mann, Alsace,France

Malbec, Nieto, Mendoza, Argentina

Download classical playlist 


Six wines beautifully presented in a wooden display case, with recommended music playlists