My Essentials (Benoît Allauzen, South Place Hotel)

My Essentials (Benoît Allauzen, South Place Hotel)

If I have to go for lunch or dinner, I love to travel around the world while seated. And being a bit old school too, I enjoy the order of my wines and the pacing.

To start, this Vouvray is a great sparkler with proper personality and it’s an entity of its own, with nothing to compare it with Champagne in terms of flavours.

Everybody must have a dry Riesling either in the cellar or in the fridge at all times. The Tavel is the odd inclusion here! We are breaking the pace between white and red: here we are! Cotes du Roussillon, Cuvee Lais, has great texture and charisma and is named after the owner’s cow as well! Usually winemakers are sticking to their kids name – ahh!

What is most true American varietal? Well, it ain’t Cabernet, Merlot or Chardonnay…There’s some real spicy juice in this one, could it be an alternative to the Bloody Mary???

As I have a sweet tooth, I always have a little liquid nectar with my dessert, not as an alternative, but more to complement. Nothing too thick but quite perfumed and quaffable…gnouff-gnouff!

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Sparkling Vouvray Brut Dilettante, Pierre Breton, Loire Valley, France

Riesling QBA Trocken, Donnhoff, Nahe, Germany

Tavel Rosé, Prieure de Montezargues, Rhone Valley, France

Cotes du Roussillon Rouge « Cuvee Lais », Olivier Pithon, France

Zinfandel, Edmeades, Mendocino County, USA

Noble Late Harvest, Mylitta, Dobogo, Tokaj, Hungary (50cl)

£85.00 £96.25