Not 'The Usual Suspects' (6 bottles)

Not 'The Usual Suspects' (6 bottles)

As much as we love the classic grape varieties, it is great to explore some of the lesser-known but equally wonderful grape varieties from around the world:

Loureiro, Aphros, Minho, Portugal

Cortese, Belloti, Vino Bianco Semplicemente, Piemonte, Italy

Furmint, Dobogo, Tokaji, Hungary

Teroldego, Rotaliano, Foradori IGT, Trentino, Italy

Frappato/Nero d'Avola, Pithos Rosso, Cos, Sicily, Italy

Tannat/Cab Sauvignon, Cuvee Haitza, Arretxea, Irouleguy, France




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