Riesling Gran Reserva, Novas, Chile, 2016

Riesling Gran Reserva, Novas, Chile, 2016

The Novus Riesling Gran Reserva is an appealing straw yellow colour. The nose is refreshing and lifted, with crisp lime, touches of grapefruit and lime peel and the classical Riesling note of faint petrol.

The palate is equally refreshing, with powerful citrus notes, especially lime flesh, tropical lime peel, grapefruit and a subtle note of slightly sweeter pineapple. There is firm minerality here too, giving the wine lovely structure and balance.

But more importantly, if it it were a rock band it would be Mӧtorhead. Wonder what we're on about? Find out more here...

At a glance

Country Chile
Region Bio Bio
Vintage 2016
Grape Riesling
Alcohol 13.5%